Rates & Payment Info

Rates for classes up to Math 8 and Reading 11/12

These are group sessions and done online via Zoom.

We take a minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 6 students per session. You are encouraged to bring your own grade level  group though other students might be placed in your group to make it cheaper for you.

4 students: $40.00 per class per student

5 or 6 students: $35.00 per class per student

All fees are payable at the beginning of the semester. 

Rates for Algebra I and beyond

These are group  or individual sessions and done online via Zoom.

Rates depend on number of students. 

Payment Options through Zelle

Please send payment to "RISElearningcenters@gmail.com

Zelle is a convenient and easy-to-use funds transfer facility, and is available free of charge with most banks (e.g., Bank of America, Chase Bank, Capital One, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, etc.)  If you have not previously used Zelle, it takes only a few minutes to set it up after logging in to your bank account.