Welcome to a world of learning!

Philosophy of Teaching

RISE aims to provide a rigorous and relevant learning experience for all students enrolled in our programs. We believe that all students can reach their potential if they are provided with the right type and level of challenges.

While preparing for any test (STAAR, SAT, etc) is a good goal and provides a target, RISE aims to make students enjoy reading and math life-long. This is done through discussions, bringing in applications of the concepts outside the classroom, and creating a learning community where everyone enjoys math and reading for its own sake.

If you want a learning center where your child is in the hands of an experienced teacher who knows how to evaluate their math and reading skills and who knows that discussions and analysis, NOT worksheets, are what makes a child's learning grow, you are in the right place!! I LOVE teaching!!


"We’ve known Mrs. Balakrishnan since her teaching days at Forest North Elementary.  She has always been a standout teacher and has forged and positively influenced hundreds of young minds.  Several of her former students are in reputed colleges today, and owe their success to her teaching methods during their formative years. Happy to see that the next generation of kids will continue to gain from her. 

--- Sree R.

“Our daughter enjoys advance learning that faculties at RISE provides all year round. We really like approach  and techniques RISE faculties use to challenge her and foster lifelong love for learning in all subjects. She really look forward to her Math & ELA class every week. She was able to seamlessly adjust to learning via Zoom during  difficult COVID in-shelter. We observed her level of engagement in Zoom class and are beyond thrilled with results. We feel online classes are saving invaluable resources like drive time and her engagement level is pretty high. I would also say we are more connected with faculties so win-win for all.” 

--- VG