Overview of Courses


Students will be placed according to grade level. If there are less than 5 students per grade level, some levels will be combined. But your child will be challenged because our instructors differentiate based on their skills and knowledge, even though the topic might be the same. I believe that math class should be fun, full of laughter and discussions, hands-on activities and have an emphasis on understanding the concept and skill development rather than rote learning.

Classes will focus on:

  • Problem-Solving Strategies
  • Understanding and analyzing multi-step word problems
  • Building stamina for thinking and working independently
  • Concepts will be addressed within the above three skills.
  • Sessions will be tailored towards the needs of the class.


Reading and Writing can be made more individualized in the same session, due to the nature of the subject. Focus will be on reading to understand. Students will discuss books, read non-fiction and learn to appreciate the English rather than learn for the sake of getting a good grade.

Classes will focus on:

  • Developing stamina and love for in-depth reading
  • Comprehending articles through skills such as taking notes, questioning and paraphrasing
  • Connecting themes across fiction and non-fiction.

Online Interactive (only for 5/6 Math and Reading/Writing)

Students will learn their grade level curriculum. Emphasis will be on understanding the concepts, connecting concepts to real-world applications, reading and writing in math, and discussions. Yes! All of this can be done through the computer! Online classes will meet at the end of the semester for a social where you will get to meet your cohort. TBA.

Requirements for distance learning courses :

  • A laptop/desktop computer
  • Tablets are good as long as they can be made to be rest on a table at an angle.
  • Parents will receive zoom link the day before. Students can bookmark the link and will not need access to an email after that, All subsequent links for the class can be sent through Zoom. Parents should test the link the day before to make sure that the Zoom app is downloaded by the link and the microphone and camera are working.
  • Instructor is NOT responsible for students being on unrelated websites during the duration of the session.