Want to avoid the commute and traffic and the waiting-around while your children are in classes?

Want to go green ?

Join our online classes where your children can learn from the comfort of their homes!


  • Classes will be for one hour with a certified instructor present and guiding the discussion and the activities.

  • Classes will still be rigorous and relevant with tons of opportunities to interact with one another.

  • Your child's only requirements: a computer with access to the internet and with camera and microphone use in the computer and a willingness to learn.

  • A minimum of 2 students required for healthy discussions and interactions.

  • Each session comprises of four classes a month.

  • Classes cancelled by the instructor will be made up.


Students will be placed according to grade level in elementary grades. For middle and high school, it will be according to subject such as Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry. Sorry, at this time, the center does not have the facility to teach Algebra II, Trigonometry or Calculus. Please keep checking with us.

If there are less than 5 students per grade level, some levels will be combined. But your child will be challenged because our instructors differentiate based on their skills and knowledge, even though the topic might be the same.

Classes will focus on:

  • Problem-Solving Strategies

  • Understanding and analyzing multi-step word problems

  • Building stamina for thinking and working independently

  • Concepts will be addressed within the above three skills.

  • Sessions will be tailored towards the needs of the class.


Reading and Writing can be made more individualized in the same session, due to the nature of the subject. Focus will be on reading to understand and writing for an audience. Students will discuss books, read non-fiction, do research for essays and learn to appreciate the English rather than learn for the sake of getting a good grade.

Classes will focus on:

  • Developing stamina and love for in-depth reading

  • Comprehending articles through skills such as taking notes, questioning and paraphrasing

  • Connecting themes across fiction and non-fiction.

  • Writing good essays and paying attention to ideas, development of a good essay and grammar.

Online Interactive Requirements

Students will learn their grade level curriculum. Emphasis will be on understanding the concepts, connecting concepts to real-world applications, reading and writing in math, and discussions. Yes! All of this can be done through the computer!

Requirements for distance learning courses :

  • A laptop/desktop computer. Tablets are good as long as they can be made to be rest on a table at an angle.

  • Students should be sitting at a table and chair and not on their beds. If they are using a bedroom to attend classes, the bedroom door should be open.

  • Parents will receive zoom link for the session. Students can bookmark the link and will not need access to an email after that, Parents should test the link the day before to make sure that the Zoom app is downloaded by the link and the microphone and camera are working.

  • Instructor is NOT responsible for students being on unrelated websites during the duration of the session. Cell phones have to be put away.

  • All students are expected to be on their best behavior while online. There is serious learning going on and every child has the right to a quiet, learning environment.